What B2B web apps do you use?

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Two weeks ago I was talking to an entrepreneur about the proliferation of B2B web apps. He asked me what tools we use, and after thinking about it, I realized we have quite a few different systems in use. Here’s most of what we have:

Yes, there are some categories with multiple systems in there due to different teams using different products. The growth of quality, affordable web apps continues to amaze me and I look forward to adding more systems in the future.

What else? What are some other apps you like related or unrelated to the ones listed above?

6 thoughts on “What B2B web apps do you use?

  1. We also use Salesforce.com, WordPress, Basecamp, and Google Analytics.

    Netsuite for accounting for one business, Xero.com for another. Xero is very slick.

    Springloops for source code management.

    IPPay for online payment processing (thanks to the guys at Tourbuzz/Neybor for referring us to them).

    CampaignMonitor for email marketing.

    Though not an app, we’ve hosted with Rackspace for years. Couldn’t be more pleased.

  2. A few more I’d add to your list that we use (we’re software developers, so it’s biased toward development):

    Pivotal Tracker – for agile project management

    Scout – for high-level monitoring and tying to business metrics

    Let’s Freckle – for time tracking

    We use the entire Google suite (docs, calendar, email), quickbooks online, Basecamp, and of course Github!

  3. Hey David,

    You could also add HappyFox to the list of tools mentioned. I have been using HappyFox for quite sometime now and have found a significant increase in my efficiency in handling customer requests. I would recommend that you give it a try!

  4. Let me begin by saying that I like using one or two tools that can cover many functions. That’s why I’ve been using Helprace. It can be used for marketing, lead generation, SEO and customer service. It’s a support software for streamline ticket management at heart but it’s also a very powerful user engagement tool.

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