Tungle.me + Email Signature = Self-Service Meeting Signups

I’m a fan of Tungle.me, the service owned by RIM/Blackberry, that allows for collaboratively scheduling one or more Google Calendars. With Tungle.me you can also make your personal calendar selectively available to anyone that you provide a custom link, while blocking out days / times of day, and making the contents of any already scheduled events say “busy.”

Sales people have a killer feature on their hands: they can put a personal Tungle.me calendar URL in their email signature and say “Schedule a demo immediately.” The prospect or contact they’re emailing can click that link and schedule a time to talk, which automatically sends an email to the sales rep notifying them of the new event.

I was skeptical at first if anyone would take the initiative and schedule a demo with a sales rep this way. Now, I’m a big believer as I’ve seen it happen many times. It works great!

Tungle.me in an email signature results in self-service meeting signups, which is awesome for sales people.

What else? What are your thoughts on using Tungle.me in email signatures to make it easy for people to schedule meetings?

2 thoughts on “Tungle.me + Email Signature = Self-Service Meeting Signups

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