Updated SaaS KPIs Dashboard for Startups

Christoph Janz, the VC that put together an awesome SaaS KPI dashboard, has an updated version available (I previously adapted it for SaaS startups with an inside sales team). This enhanced model now includes different pricing tiers and annual plans as well as more charts for analysis.

Here are the charts in the SaaS KPI dashboard Excel file:

  • Visitors & Signups
  • Signups & Paying Customers
  • Conversion Rate By Plan
  • New MRR
  • Total MRR
  • Upgrade, Downgrade & Churn MRR
  • Customers by Plan
  • MRR by Plan
  • Churn
  • Annual Subscriptions
  • ARPA
  • M/M Growth Rate
  • Cost of Customer Acquisition
  • Time to Recover CAC
  • Cash

Every SaaS entrepreneur should use this model, or a variation of it, when managing their business. It’s the best one on the market.

What else? What are some other thoughts on the updated SaaS KPIs dashboard for startups?

One thought on “Updated SaaS KPIs Dashboard for Startups

  1. David, thanks for sharing the update. If you would be interested in a way to share KPIs (as well as financials and feedback), we built http://SeederBoard.com/.

    It is designed to simplify startups lives and meet investor demands for information without complexity but with privacy.

    Would be happy to hear your feedback.

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