Pitching Atlanta’s Strong Tech Clusters to TechCrunch

Last week I had dinner with several writers and team members from TechCrunch. TechCrunch was in Atlanta for their meetup at the The Fabulous Fox Theatre and invited several members of the community out to dinner in advance of the event. At dinner, I pitched Atlanta’s strong tech clusters:

Atlanta has over 125,000 high-tech jobs and is growing at a nice rate. When pitching TechCrunch, or anyone else, it’s important to tell a story. Atlanta’s story is that of success across a number of sectors with no signs of slowing down.

What else? What are some of the next strong tech clusters emerging in Atlanta?

One thought on “Pitching Atlanta’s Strong Tech Clusters to TechCrunch

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    Major tech-related happenings in Atlanta lately. If this article is of interest to you, then you should check out this coming Saturday’s “Goodie Hack” (www.goodiehack.com) in downtown Atlanta at OpportunityHub/200-Office

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