Let’s Talk Over Email

One of the new initiatives I’ve been trying lately is pushing more intros into email conversations. That is, when people reach out and ask to talk or meet, instead of setting up a fixed time in the future to talk, just start the conversation now. Yes, it’s easier to go deeper and cover more topics when talking in person, but there’s significant overhead to stop everything at a fixed time vs conversing asynchronously over email.

Here are a few thoughts on talking over email:

  • Requiring a Simplified One Page Strategic Plan to start the conversation still works well
  • Most introduction requests are for specific reasons, which are readily conveyed over email (e.g. I want advice on a problem, what do you recommend for X, how did you handle Y, etc)
  • Email is much easier to share links to specific information and relevant resources
  • Some people won’t like conversing over email as it feels like it takes more effort and isn’t as personal

Dharmesh put it eloquently in his post Dear Friend: Sorry. My heart says yes, buy my schedule says no. When time doesn’t permit a meeting, talking over email works well.

What else? What are some more thoughts on talking over email in lieu of a meeting?

One thought on “Let’s Talk Over Email

  1. Email to me is fine, particularly when you suspect this prospective business partner may be wasting your time. It’s good to clear the air first.

    If the business person doesn’t want to tell you anything much over the email, this is also a bad signal, it means that they have some strategy on how they are going to close a sale with you because they know you may not want the product if you look at it or read about it. So my question then is….why wouldn’t I want it? I usually try to do my own research on the product and if it looks like a bad deal, I nip it in the bud in the email. Let’s not waste time.

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