Video of the Week – Peter Thiel on Zero to One

After reading Peter Thiel’s book Zero to One I was interested in hearing him talk and his presentation at UT Austin doesn’t disappoint. 

From YouTube: Thiel is hailed as one of the most successful investors in the world. After co-founding PayPal, he went on to co-found Palantir Technologies and invest in Facebook, where he still serves on the board. He’s played major roles in dozens of successful companies and continually strives toward the next big thing. In “Zero to One,” he emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to grasp for the ideas that nobody else has in order to truly innovate. This new way of thinking about innovation encourages burgeoning business leaders to carve their own lane in a heavily saturated race toward success.

“Zero to One,” based on a course Thiel taught in 2012 at Stanford University, urges readers to see the broad picture and look past traditional boundaries between fields and industries in order to create a future full of innovation.

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