More Quarterly Performance Review Thoughts

We’re deep in the process of our quarterly performance reviews, and, I must say that I really look forward to these every quarter. There’s something rewarding about sitting down one-on-one and talking about what was accomplished, what’s coming up next, how we/they can improve, and then discussing anecdotes about how we/they followed each of our … Continue reading More Quarterly Performance Review Thoughts

Quarterly Performance Review Time

It’s that time of the quarter to do our performance reviews. We try to make them very simple and focused using a methodology from Patrick Lencioni. Everyone in my company has to answer the following four questions personally as well as for their direct reports: What did you accomplish? What will you accomplish next? How … Continue reading Quarterly Performance Review Time

Critical Startup Metrics By Department

Dave Bailey has an excellent post up titled The Anatomy of a Startup Organisation where he covers a number of topics related to organizing the departments in a startup. My favorite part is how he shares the most important metrics. Here’s a quick recap of the critical startup metrics by department: CEO Company’s North Star … Continue reading Critical Startup Metrics By Department

Challenges with Objectives and Key Results

After yesterday’s post on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), one of the more common questions was about the challenges that come with implementing and using them. For most organizations, any serious change is tough, especially one that involves significant time on a regular basis and coordination of every person in the business (many companies are trying to … Continue reading Challenges with Objectives and Key Results

Career Paths are Tough for Early Stage Startups

Once a startup finds a repeatable business model and gets out of the seed stage, they then enter early stage (e.g. 20 – 50 employees) before (hopefully) moving on to growth stage (50+ employees). With five employees in a startup everyone wears multiple hats and things are so crazy the topic of career paths don’t … Continue reading Career Paths are Tough for Early Stage Startups

Updated Quarterly Check-ins

We’re mixing things up this quarter and doing quarterly check-ins instead of quarterly performance reviews. OK, so they are pretty much the same thing but we tweaked the naming to reflect that this is a conversation with your manager/direct report, it isn’t tied to an immediate raise/promotion, and is important for aligning goals. I’ve talked … Continue reading Updated Quarterly Check-ins