Continuous Employee Feedback

Back in the original days of Pardot, we worked hard to manually solicit feedback from employees. After years of experimenting, we settled into a routine that had a daily, monthly, and quarterly rhythm. On a daily basis, during our morning standup, we’d ask if there were any heroes or hassles. Heroes were employees that went … Continue reading Continuous Employee Feedback

Statute of Limitations on Experience

Last week I was talking to an entrepreneur and she started asking me questions about recruiting best practices. How do I recruit engineers? Where do I find them? How do I build a high performance engineering culture? All great questions, but is my personal experience out of date? This prompted me to think about the … Continue reading Statute of Limitations on Experience

Frequent, Quality Communication as Success Indicator

Recently I was talking to a friend and he asked about indicators of entrepreneur success post investment. Now, pre-investment, entrepreneur personality traits like grit and resourcefulness come to mind, but after partnering with an entrepreneur, it’s a behavior that’s most indicative: frequent, quality communication. Frequent, quality communication is an action, not a personality trait, and one that every … Continue reading Frequent, Quality Communication as Success Indicator

Talkative Tuesdays – Tuesdays as the Meeting Day

Back in the Pardot days, we’d hold most of our important weekly meetings on Mondays. This included the weekly tactical, weekly all-hands, and weekly company lunch. Timing wise, it worked well to start the week by aligning the leadership team and breaking bread with the entire company. Only, Mondays proved a challenge for several reasons. … Continue reading Talkative Tuesdays – Tuesdays as the Meeting Day

Accountability in a Startup

As the startup grows from a small group of co-founders to the first early employees and beyond, organizational accountability needs to scale as well. Co-founders, talking so frequently and being self-starters, often mind-meld on a daily basis and don’t need as much structure. Only, that doesn’t scale. Here are a few ideas for accountability in … Continue reading Accountability in a Startup

Customer Acquisition As the #1 Challenge

As the cost to build an app has gone down over the last 10 years due to open source and cloud computing, the number of apps as grown. Now, there are dozens of apps that do the same thing in every category imaginable. The result: customer acquisition is the number one challenge with so much noise … Continue reading Customer Acquisition As the #1 Challenge

Benefits of Raising Outside Capital

At Pardot we chose to not raise outside capital and experienced the Benefits of Not Raising Outside Capital. With that said, I’m on the board of several fast-growing startups like SalesLoft and Terminus, so I’ve had the chance to see the other side. Not raising capital — if you can do without it — does make things easier overall, … Continue reading Benefits of Raising Outside Capital

7 Daily Items in the Spirit of Tools of Titans

Continuing with the previous post Video of the Week: Tim Ferris – Tools of Titans, I’m halfway through the Tools of Titans book and it’s definitely not what I expected. The author interviews dozens of people and provides a few ideas from each based on a wide range of topics from workouts to psychedelics to leadership (very wide … Continue reading 7 Daily Items in the Spirit of Tools of Titans

3 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do

Recently an entrepreneur asked what he should be doing to make his company better in 2017. I asked a few questions about the long term, the short term, and challenges right now. Quickly, it became clear that there were some foundational basics that needed to be done. Here are three things every entrepreneur should do: Simplified One … Continue reading 3 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do