Here are the companies I’ve invested in and am directly involved in:

Here are my investments through Shotput Ventures:

3 thoughts on “Investments

  1. Hello David – My startup has developed a mobile app solution where a one time photo of the user will be stored in the app. User can then just scan the app against the barcode in the apparel while shopping in the store and then can see how the apparel suit on her/him. Also, while in the app, user can directly share the pic to friends/families in social media and request for instant feedback as to “how do I look?” The solution is based on nextgen AR,ML,AI technologies. As a founder, I believe this is a painkiller type solution and not only going to reduce/replace pain pain points associated with the physical trialrooms, but also benefit to manufactures, retailers and consumers to a great extent. Need few mins of your time to discuss this as I am in need of funding to scale as quickly as possible.

  2. Hi David
    If you’d like to do anything re: South Africa, please pop in. Due to Covid19 my firm, a SMME is gone down the hill :(. I’m open to opportunities.

    Great stuff!

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