Productizing Services Work

One of the best moves we’ve made for our consulting and services teams is to “productive” the work. What does that mean? That means that instead of quoting project work as a “bucket of hours” (e.g. 100 hours at $200/hour for $20,000) you have different “products” available like a Professional Quick Start Package that gets a client up and running, or a Newsroom Package that delivers a certain number of templates, pages, workflows, etc.

Productizing the services work aligns interests from both the client and vendor to focus on the benefit and outcome of the work — not how long it takes. This took a long time to realize, and we’re not completely away from quoting hours of work for certain projects, but the majority of consulting work around a product should be productized.

3 thoughts on “Productizing Services Work

  1. Hi David and readers of the blog,

    I have been strugling of productizing a service.

    Do you happen to have some resources/good examples of how it was or should be done?

    I provide database management services for Microsoft SQL server and most of what I do is custom. I would love to find a way how to productize.

    If there is no way to productize maybe selling hours in packages of 10/20/40h per week – is a way to go?

    You can see I am stugling, so any help would be just awesome!


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