Tips for a User’s Conference

We’re putting on our third annual User’s Conference tomorrow and have 123 registered attendees (sold out!). After having done it for a few years, we’ve come up with some recommendations for those who haven’t done one before:

  • Charge 50% more than you think to cover costs as there are always expenses you didn’t anticipate (shuttle buses, swag, videographers, etc)
  • Book the least number of rooms possible to still get a good rate — you don’t want to be on the hook for extra rooms and hotels will always add more at your rate once you’ve filled your allotment
  • Use a nice conference center and hotel — we made the mistake last year of using a nice brand hotel that was 20 years old and woefully out of date. The conference is a reflection of your company.
  • Make sure your company employees know that the conference is a time to engage with customers and prospects — don’t just chat with other employees.
  • Have fun!

I’m a big proponent of User’s Conferences and recommend them as a great way to engage with your customer community.

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