Shotput Ventures Demo Day

Today was Demo Day for our inaugural Shotput Ventures class of 2009. Over 120 people attended the event and had the opportunity to watch eight young startups present their products and businesses. Here are the eight companies and a brief description of what they do (in my own words):

  • Looxii – Looxii makes it easy to monitor and analyze terms across the social web
  • ShoutNow – ShoutNow allows users to send broadcast voicemail to telephones, as well as to incorporate audio snippets into Facebook and Twitter
  • OpenHatch – OpenHatch is essentially a LinkedIn for open source developers, designed to showcase projects people have worked on and connect companies that need help with developers
  • ZETA – ZETA analyzes several different factors related to user generated content online to come up with an objective score measuring the authority of the information
  • Ninja Post – Ninja Post is a modern message board platform that incorporates real-time updates into the user experience
  • KHU.SH – KHU.SH’s LaDiDa reverse karaoke iPhone app allows users to sing into the phone and test different matching accompaniments in order to make their own music
  • EventHive – EventHive provides technologies to make conferences more interactive, including audience polling, Q&A, and other services
  • SocialGuides – SocialGuides is a location-based service for restaurant reviews that is like an intersection of Twitter and Yelp

The event today was a big success and I hope you’ll take the time to visit and support the different Shotput companies.

5 thoughts on “Shotput Ventures Demo Day

  1. Hey David,

    Good to hear your demo day went well! Did you guys have any sort of video capture for the demos, and if not, do you have any plans for having that in the future?

    I’d love to be able to watch a recording or attend a future demo day virtually from California.

  2. Thanks Kevin. Yes, we had a professional videographer record everything. We’ll get the videos online next week.

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