Publish an Industry Specific Book

A year ago I received an interesting piece of advice: every entrepreneur should publish an industry specific book under their name. Of course, not everyone enjoys writing a 100+ page book, and thus hiring a ghost writer is a good alternative. Whether you like the idea of not, let’s look at some benefits of an entrepreneur publishing an industry specific book:

  • Positions the company and entrepreneur as a thought leader
  • Provides a great sales tool to hand out at tradeshows, send to prospects, etc
  • Enables the content to be turned into a series of white papers
  • Works as a training tool for employees and partners

I recommend that entrepreneurs and startups consider writing an industry specific book and self publishing it.

4 thoughts on “Publish an Industry Specific Book

  1. I’ve been fortunate to take part in writing an industry book. Some other points to consider:

    – Huge opportunity cost of writing and publishing (six months of time to do it right)
    – Rapidly changing nature of technology industries
    – What if the entrepreneur’s business model changes?
    – New legitimacy of eBooks, blogging, podcasts

    I recommend entrepreneurs who want to build businesses focus on that, not on writing books.

    1. Great points Adam. It sounds like the type of industry (established, semi-established, new frontier, etc) is an important consideration in deciding to write a book.

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