The Value of Talking About Your Startup

Earlier in the week I was talking to an entrepreneur who was sharing his new business idea with me. After two minutes into the conversation I had the perfect person for him to talk to about his idea and his industry. Two days later the two connected and had a very productive conversation and my connection will likely prove a valuable sounding board for him going forward.

What’s the moral of this simple anecdote? There’s tremendous value in talking about your business and idea as you never know who’s going to have a good connection or can legitimately help you. Too often entrepreneurs think their idea is unique, and that the value is in the idea, not the execution of it. Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach in my experience, especially considering how much value I’ve derived from talking to people about my company and our current challenges.

I do have one caveat: don’t be the guy that is always talking about a new business idea every 30 days, otherwise people will stop being as supportive and think you aren’t serious. Pivoting or iterating with your idea is great, and should be explained when visiting with the same person you pitched your previous idea, but be thoughtful of their time.

My recommendation is to seek out anyone who will listen to your business idea and look for ways to get input, connections, and ideas.

What else? Do you agree or disagree?

One thought on “The Value of Talking About Your Startup

  1. I agree with this, but often find it difficult to execute with my more stable but limited project that already has relatively defined customers, advisors, and technology.

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