Startup Docs to Create in Month One

I was recently looking through Google Docs for my company to get an idea of what documents we put together in the first month. The idea is to get a bit of introspection on what we felt were important to iron out right away. Really, these are very much strategy and alignment docs to get the founding team on the same page.

Here are some of the Google Docs we put together:

  • Company Overview (official company name, market description, positioning, team, etc)
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Pricing
  • Road Map
  • Action Items
  • Passwords
  • Technical Setup

Note that there were no KPIs, one page strategic plans, etc in the initial docs. Operational items like those come with time as the business develops. Strategy documents like those outlined above are critical for getting everyone on the same page.

What else? What other documents do you recommend creating when getting a new business off the ground?

2 thoughts on “Startup Docs to Create in Month One

  1. I like to feely way through the process and let the business take on a life of its own. I think getting to specific early can limit the creative and entrepreneurial spirit. I think it is important to realize year one is a start up year and not expect to be a real business until year 2 and 3. It’s kind of like locking yourself into your life career before you have had a chance to rely know who you are, what you ate really good at, and fully understand your niche and competitive landscape. I really like to do things based on gut and feel versus too much structure early on. I guess whatever works for you!!!

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