What Percentage of Startup Success is from What

My views on the ingredients for startup success have changed significantly over the years. Originally, I believed that the management team was the overriding force. Now, the management team is still important, but I believe the market, including timing, for the idea is even more important. Here’s my gut allocation on how important different factors are for how I define a successful company:

  • Market – 40%
  • Team – 30%
  • Timing – 20%
  • Idea – 10%

Notice that a great market with great timing represents the majority of the opportunity for success and that the actual idea is the least important. We’ve all heard the saying that ideas are a dime a dozen and that it’s the execution that counts. Combine all the pieces together and you have a winner.

2 thoughts on “What Percentage of Startup Success is from What

  1. Well said, but the weighted averages are diffrent, I will say that Idea is the most important aspect.
    Blue Ocean Strategy , perticularly will play a very important role.
    Make the new markets( Non Consumers , the consumers) go global, retain lalents , open book accounting systems.Esops, and incubators for new technologycal idea.
    Thanks & Regards
    Deb from India.

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