B2B Sales Tools That Didn’t Exist a Decade Ago

Caller ID box (inside)
Image by SystemF92 via Flickr

Yesterday I was spending time with one of our reseller partners talking through our best practices and strategies for selling our software. Towards the end of the conversation, with it clear that our partners were impressed by some of our techniques, one exclaimed how many of the B2B sales and marketing tools we use didn’t even exist a decade ago.

Here are some of those new tools and techniques:

  • LinkedIn to find the appropriate contact based on company and job title
  • Jigsaw.com to understand the email naming convention for a company as well as the direct dial number for a potential prospect
  • Twitter to monitor your industry name and competitors in order to find potential prospects
  • Caller ID for your website to understand which companies have been browsing around
  • Drip marketing and other prospect nurturing programs to stay top-of-mind

Of course, no amount of new technology can substitute for good old fashioned hard work, including picking up the phone and talking to people. My recommendation is to experiment with a variety of B2B sales and marketing tools and incorporate the ones that are most beneficial.

What else? What are some other B2B sales and marketing tools that didn’t exist a decade ago?

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