What Should I Write About?

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Over the past 550 posts I’ve covered a ton of different topics and had over 64,000 page views since January 2009. Most of my posts are related to these categories:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sales and marketing
  • Corporate culture
  • Software-as-a-service
  • Product management
  • Operations

I love writing about these topics and plan on continuing to do so. My question is this: what should I write about? What are some specific questions or thoughts you’d like to talk more about related to these categories or others? Thanks for reading and please let me know what I can do to improve this blog.

7 thoughts on “What Should I Write About?

  1. I enjoy getting your blog updates in my RSS feed. I especially enjoy that you are specific in your posts with real numbers and information that enables reproducibility.

    I don’t really have any comments on new content. I’m actually always surprised how you manage to have a continuous flow of ideas to write about. Very impressive.

  2. David- Something I’ve been thinking about:

    What are the characteristics of a great web marketer, and how do you recruit qualified candidates?

    Thanks a lot for sharing. I get a lot out of your posts.

  3. Love your content on here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge & experience. A few topics that I am particularly interested in:

    * Board of advisors: yes or no? who, when, compensation, contractual relationship/accountability.
    * Time management tactics.
    * Focus vs. pursuing more than one business opportunity at once…and how to maintain effectiveness regardless.
    * Future of internet marketing and the integration between CRM, ad campaigns, & email + social media marketing.


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