Startups and the Scientific Method

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Remember the scientific method as a kid in fourth grade science class? Well, all the same principles apply to startups. Let’s review the scientific method courtesy of

  • Ask a question — what business problem or unmet need do you want to solve?
  • Do background research — talk to as many friends and colleagues as you can about your idea and get firm commitments from people that will use it.
  • Construct a hypothesis — decide what angle you’re going to take and build a minimum viable product.
  • Test your hypothesis by doing an experiment — put the product in the hands of your committed users and get their feedback.
  • Analyze your data and draw a conclusion — look at the results and decide if you’re on the right path.
  • Communicate your results — talk to your committed users and share your next iteration or pivot (if applicable).

The scientific method maps perfectly to the world of lean startups and should be used liberally.

What else? What are ways is the scientific method applicable to startups?


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