Thoughts on the Responsys S-1 Filing

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Responsys, a major B2C email marketing vendor, filed to go public right before Christmas a couple weeks ago. I find S-1 fillings extremely interesting absent the legal stuff because they are so rich with details. The Responsys document doesn’t disappoint. Here are a few interesting items:

  • Growth rate – 2007 revenue of $37M to 2010 revenue of ~$90M (pg 7)
  • Professional services are around 25% of revenue (pg 36)
  • Milestones of different product offerings and launches (pg 38)
  • Market analysis (pg 64)
  • Executive team salaries and compensation – low base for a company that size but super valuable stock options (pg 93)

My recommendation is to the skim the Responsys S-1 and get a feel for the hard numbers, metrics, concerns, and opportunities for a fast-growth SaaS company.

What else? What other info did you find interesting in their S-1?

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