Startups Don’t Require Perfect Decisions

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When talking to people that want to be entrepreneurs but haven’t made the leap, the most common reason cited for not starting something is lack of a great idea. Yes, a great idea is nice but successful companies usually have a good idea, great timing, and great execution. Related to the idea for the business, startups don’t require perfect decisions. Making changeable decisions quickly and  learning from them is critically important. There is no such thing as the perfect decision.

Here are some examples where a perfect decision isn’t required:

  • Logo – make sure it is professional but don’t dwell on it in search of the perfect decision (once you’re successful you can invest more in it)
  • Marketing strategies – there are so many mediums and venues to try that it is more important to develop  a culture of analysis and testing that will naturally figure out what does and doesn’t work
  • Product messaging – it takes a number of iterations to find the right tone, voice, and message for your target customer profiles (this is one of the tougher things startups must do)

The idea isn’t to start with bad decisions but rather to debate internally, take the best decision at the time, execute it, and learn as much as you can as quickly as you can. Startups don’t require perfect decisions.

What else? What are some other examples you see where people try to make the perfect decision?

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