Top 3 Personal Entrepreneurial Strengths

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Recently I was meeting with an entrepreneur (I usually talk with 5+ in a given week) and we ended up talking about what our companies do well and what areas we’re lacking. After talking about our companies, I later began to think personally about my individual strengths not unlike the Unique Ability question.

Here’s what I think I’m good at as an entrepreneur:

  1. Building a strong corporate culture – it took me many years to appreciate the value of this but now I hold it as the most important thing I do in my company
  2. Getting stuff done – this might seem cheesy but I don’t get bogged down by all the details or unknowns necessary to make a decision and I can figure out what works and doesn’t work quickly
  3. Translating between the business and technical world – communicating with business people and technical people comes naturally to me and I help connect the two

Notice I didn’t say my strengths were raising money, writing code, or selling software. Early on I would have said my strengths were working crazy hard, not having fear, and being blissfully ignorant but I didn’t really understand what it takes for a successful startup. Hopefully these three entrepreneurial strengths shed some light on what I’ve found to be valuable to me.

What else? What are your top three personal entrepreneurial strengths?

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