Keep a List of People You Want to Hire

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When building a startup you often come across a variety of people, some of which you think would be great for your team but you can’t afford or don’t need just yet. As your startup takes off and gains traction, more and more people will come out of the woodwork and express interest in working for you. People want to be part of a successful organization, especially one that has the potential to be a rocket ship.

Entrepreneurs should keep a list of people they want to hire.

Much like recruiters and sports agents work hard at networking and developing relationship with potential clients, you need to do the same with talented people you want on your team. Developing relationships and a pipeline of talent in advance of needing it is much more preferable to doing it while things are going so well that you don’t have time for it. Of course, this is a high class problem to have. Regardless, you need to keep a list of people you want to hire.

What else? What should be kept in mind when developing a list of people you want to hire?

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