Business Idea: Sales Intelligence SaaS App

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Continuing with the previous business idea posts on Prospect Instant Call-Back and Content Marketing as a Service, I’d like to propose another idea around sales intelligence. The proliferation of content online and in social media creates a wealth of unstructured information. There’s tremendous information in there that can be used for sales purposes once the signal and noise have been separated.

Here’s how the idea might work:

  • A SaaS app that connects to and SugarCRM to augment existing Lead, Contact, and Account information with additional content, mentions, and relevant links
  • A web crawler that looks for new information online in social media, websites, message boards and more. Alerts can notify the sales rep via email as well as inside the CRM. New information examples include recently funded companies that show up on venture capitalists’ websites, addition of new locations for retail chains, change in DNS records, recent blog posts, recent press releases, and many more channels of content.
  • Pricing might be anywhere from $25-100/sales rep/month or $100-1,000/content channel/month
  • Interface with marketing automation and inbound marketing products to better target marketing activities
  • Sell through channel partners like marketing agencies as well as direct to sales and marketing managers

The goal with the SaaS service is to empower sales reps to close more deals with a shorter sales cycle.

What else? What do you think of the sales intelligence SaaS app idea?

3 thoughts on “Business Idea: Sales Intelligence SaaS App

  1. I dig the concept. As we’ve discussed, I’m bullish on companies that are trying to extend the power of marketing+salesforce automation.

    Before they pivoted, Basho, a Boston-based startup, offered a nifty little utility that would scour the internet for recent, relevant content on a particular SFDC contact. It would then reformat the content into an intro email for a sales rep (e.g. “David, I recently saw your blog post on a Sales Intel SaaS app . Great idea and something that fits well with “.) Goal was to improve salesperson throughput and increase relevance.

  2. Thanks Scott. That’s a cool idea to reformat content into an intro email to enable sales reps with relevant pre-built emails.

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