Site Stats from TechCrunch Coverage of Rigor

Last night TechCrunch published a nice piece on a startup I co-founded titled Rigor Launches Unified Platform for Web and Mobile Performance Management. TechCrunch, for those in the tech world, is like the Wall Street Journal for startups with a large readership. Tonight I went through the site stats for the last 24 hours to see what traffic boost coverage in TechCrunch provided.

Here are some 24 hour stats based on traffic driven by the TechCrunch article:

  • 601 more visitors than normal
  • 131 visitors had identified company IP addresses (shows a good number of people read TechCrunch at work)
  • 27 free trial sign-ups

While these aren’t astronomical numbers they do show the power of PR and getting coverage in relevant places. Please go read the TechCrunch article on Rigor if you haven’t already.

What else? Have you had TechCrunch coverage of your startup and what were the site stats like?

One thought on “Site Stats from TechCrunch Coverage of Rigor

  1. Our article on TC was published in the late afternoon. Here are our stats:

    Day 1: 574 visits
    Day 2: 683 visits
    Day 3: 274 visits

    We saw better results – in terms of visits turning into sales leads – from the press we received in industry-specific publications.

    The TechCrunch traffic was great, but it also was difficult to weed out all of the unqualified demo requests that resulted.

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