Contently – Content as a Service

Today I had the opportunity to talk with Joe Coleman, the CEO of Contently, via an introduction from the founder of the leader in managed Google Apps solutions. Contently is a content as a service company, similar to the idea of content marketing as a service I mentioned a couple months ago.

Joe came up with the idea for Contently while working at his previous company. He understood the value of content marketing to drive traffic through SEO and social media but didn’t have the time to do it well. Contently, as different from TextBrokers/, Demand Media, etc focuses on the higher end of the market with more experienced and more published professional writers. On the call, Joe kept referring to the writers he works with as the ones who make a living as a full-time writer as opposed to others that do it more as a hobby.

Contently in a nut-shell:

  • A few blog posts per week for a couple thousand dollars per month
  • Highly screened writers combined with a proprietary SaaS app to maintain an editorial calendar, topic ideas, manage blog post workflow, and provide feedback on the writers
  • A couple areas of expertise around marketing and finance with more being added regularly

Contently raised a seed round last month and is part of TechStars NYC. I’m looking forward to trying out the service and seeing if it is a good fit for our needs.

What else? What do you think of the Contently idea?

One thought on “Contently – Content as a Service

  1. Love the idea and the company. I do worry if third-party writers will be able to incorporate the details of an individual company’s content strategy into their writing. (Targeting specific keywords, publishing articles around certain themes, generating comments, etc.)

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