5 Steps to Action

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Whether you’re trying to sell a product or recruit a new team member to you join your team, there are five steps to action. These have been talked about for decades in marketing textbooks and were first made popular by Madison Avenue firms.

Here are the five steps to action:

  • Unaware – the person doesn’t know the product exists
  • Aware – the person knows the product exists but doesn’t understand it
  • Understand – the person comprehends the product but hasn’t established a position
  • Believe – the person has bought into the product but hasn’t pulled the trigger on it
  • Action – the person buys the product

Thinking through these five steps, especially with regards to sales and marketing, helps increase the effectiveness of your team. Sales and marketing messages (e.g. email communication) should be tailored to the respective stage of the prospect.

What else? What do you think of these five steps to action?

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