Commitment to Content Marketing

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Every B2B startup needs to make a commitment to content marketing. A commitment to content is devoting serious organization resources to developing great content on a regular basis. Blogging? Check. Social media? Check. Videos? Check. Webinars? Check.

A commitment to content is not cheap or easy. It takes a tremendous amount of time and money to produce great content with a consistent rhythm. One of the more difficult aspects is staying with the process long enough to produce the desired results, much like it takes time to build a brand. The best thing to do is to hire great people, come up with a process, and run with it.

Content marketing is not merely a function of marketing. Content should be developed by team members throughout the company. Sales, services, support, operations, engineering, and other departments interact with customers and prospects on a daily basis. Best practices, trends, and more are constantly uncovered by team members. These people should be part of the content army.

A commitment to content is hard but the payoff is immense.

What else? What are your thoughts on a commitment to content marketing?

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