Benchmarking Data for Startup Marketing

When having lunch with the CEO of a prominent Atlanta software company five years ago, I asked for advice about marketing. One of his suggestions was to do primary research and publish it. Journalists, prospects, customers, and partners love to read new information, especially if isn’t something recycled.

Earlier today David Skok, a VC with one of the best blogs out there for entrepreneurs ( tweeted that ZenDesk’s new Satisfaction Index is a great marketing idea:!/BostonVC/status/163748555423617024

Startups, especially successful ones, have an abundance of valuable data that is confidential to each customer. In many cases, this data can be aggregated and anonymized in order to provide benchmarking information to help customers compare their results with the average as well as for marketing purposes to generate awareness for the startup.

Startups should provide benchmarking data as part of their marketing strategy.

What else? What are your thoughts on benchmarking data for startup marketing?

2 thoughts on “Benchmarking Data for Startup Marketing

  1. These are great because they guide marketers away from simply writing their opinions (typical white-paper). We’ve found content that includes data/surveys gets about 2x more downloads.

  2. An index is a time tested consumer marketing tactic. Think JD Power Customer Satisfaction Index and the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. So it is neat to have it be embraced by startups and those in the tech sector.

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