Warren Buffet’s 10 Rules from Jimmy John’s

A few nights ago I was out with the kids and we headed over to Jimmy John’s near Terminus. As we were waiting for our sandwiches to be made I noticed a sign on the wall: Warren Buffet’s 10 Rules. Much like the Jimmy John’s sign How Much is Enough, this one is packed with wisdom.

Here are Warren Buffet’s 10 Rules:

  1. Reinvest your profits
  2. Be willing to be different
  3. Never suck your thumb
  4. Spell out the deal before you start
  5. Watch small expenses
  6. Limit what you borrow
  7. Be persistent
  8. Know when to quit
  9. Assess the risks
  10. Know what success really means

The next time you’re at a Jimmy John’s read the signs on the wall — they’re worthwhile.

What else? What do you think of Warren Buffet’s 10 Rules?

4 thoughts on “Warren Buffet’s 10 Rules from Jimmy John’s

  1. Warren Buffet is the best I’ve ever seen at translating real world problems to investing/business principles

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