Corporate Culture Book

An idea we borrowed from Zappos several years ago is a corporate culture book. The book is a physical manifestation of our culture that sits prominently in our lobby on an ornate wood pedestal. In the book we’ve documented the history of things like Free Food Friday, inside jokes, and other aspects of the business so that new hires can get a better understanding of why we do the things we do. By being so visible in the lobby, it sets the tone for everyone in the office that corporate culture is out top priority.

Here are some quick details on a corporate culture book:

  • Have all stories in the book come directly from employees
  • Invest in a high quality cover for it
  • Place it in a noticeable position
  • Update it on a regular basis
  • Encourage new hires to read and spend time with it

A corporate culture book is a fun and powerful way to emphasize the importance of corporate culture.

What else? What are your thoughts on a corporate culture book?

One thought on “Corporate Culture Book

  1. An easy yet an effective method to communicate, demonstrate, encourage and inculcate company culture…I completely agreee to the potential value delivered by success stories of colleagues and co-employees when mapped to the culture and values they followed to accomplish their objectives on their path to success. This makes it relevant, associable and thus impactful. Good thought!

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