Networking Advice for Entrepreneurs

At the EO Nerve Atlanta 2012 event there were a number of breakout sessions. One of them was on networking and how to be a better networker, but not in the cheesy, low-value way. The main premise is that networking should always be about helping the other person and paying it forward, without asking for anything in return. Once some level of value has been provided inevitably the favor will get returned.

When networking with someone it’s important to do the standard chit chat and then get to a comfort level where you can safely ask what’s the biggest challenge or opportunity they’re working through right now in their personal, family, or business. Once you have something concrete that they care about, there are two general recommendations:

  • Offer free help in an area that’s relevant to that issue, assuming you have legitimate expertise
  • Make an introduction to someone you know that can help the person with their challenge or opportunity

So, it’s pretty simple: either help them directly with no strings attached or introduce them to someone else that can help them. It’s common sense but still really good advice to keep in mind.

What else? What are some additional networking recommendations for entrepreneurs?

2 thoughts on “Networking Advice for Entrepreneurs

  1. Ask for advice from others… They want to help. When they do, always follow up and let them know how their advice helped you and your company. Read, “Dig your Well Before You are Thirsty” by Harvey MacKay…Pure gold.

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