Google+ Hangout Link for Repeating Events

Google+ Hangout is a big part of how we communicate internally, or at least it was up until a couple months ago when Google disabled the permanent link. After the feature was removed, we had to generate a new link every time we met (daily check-in, weekly executive meeting, weekly all hands meeting, etc) creating quite a bit of friction and frustration because of the extra work and the fact that the link of each Hangout was obfuscated due to the hidden browser URL bar.

Thankfully, with the new Google+ Events feature, there’s a nice permalink workaround, first published by the team over at The idea is that you create a Google+ Event far into the future, make it an online event, and then take the Google+ Hangout URL that is produced and use it over and over again until that date is met.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Create a new event on Google+ Events
  • Give the event a date far into the future, like the year 2020
  • Go to Event options -> Advanced and click on Google+ Hangout
  • Save the event
  • Share the link to the Google+ Hangout on your repeating Google Calendar event

This method isn’t as effortless as the previous approach but it works well and makes recurring Google+ Hangouts easy and frictionless.

What else? What are some other tips for Google+ Hangouts?

3 thoughts on “Google+ Hangout Link for Repeating Events

    1. Thanks Andy. That’s one of the things we used in the interim and really liked it. It wasn’t quite as powerful as Google+ Hangout but did a good job.

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