Atlanta Startup Village #47

Tonight is Atlanta Startup Village #47 at the Atlanta Tech Village.

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Here are the startups presenting:

  • SkilRoute: Online learning reinvented.
  • The Instagram analytics you’ve been waiting for!
  • Netify: Prototype development and business strategy consulting
  • inSITE: Fundamentally changing the way organizations share information
  • Shotzy: Pro Photographers On-Demand

Admission is free and all are welcome. Come join us.

Characteristics of Successful Atlanta Entrepreneurs

As a continuation to yesterday’s post Why Entrepreneurs Choose Atlanta, the next logical question is “what are some common characteristics of successful Atlanta entrepreneurs?” Of course, the characteristics are all over the place, but within the software startup sector, several attributes stand out. Here are several characteristics of successful Atlanta entrepreneurs:

  • Resilient – Most successful entrepreneurs I know failed at their first idea. Pivoting is more common than expected and Atlanta is no different. Much of the entrepreneurial journey is learning and iterating as fast as possible.
  • Resourceful – The dynamics of the community — including limited risk capital — require more resourcefulness on the part of the entrepreneur. True, money does go further here but that’s more than outweighed by the lack of capital. Yet, a lack of capital is normal and standard for a startup community. Successful entrepreneurs figure out how to succeed regardless of capital.
  • Opinionated – Entrepreneurs need to have strong opinions weakly held. With so many different ideas and opportunities, entrepreneurs without strong opinion suffer and fade away quickly.
  • Confident – Believing when others don’t is something all entrepreneurs have to work through. It’s tough facing constant adversity without being confident in the mission.

Successful Atlanta entrepreneurs have a high locus of control and figure out how to win. When the right team, idea, and market timing come together, amazing things happen.

What else? What are some more characteristics of successful Atlanta entrepreneurs?

Why Entrepreneurs Choose Atlanta

Continuing with yesterday’s post on Why Not More Startup Success Stories, I was asked the question earlier today “Why do entrepreneurs choose Atlanta to build their startup?” The unwritten part of the question is why do they choose Atlanta as opposed to the main place people think of when they think tech startups. Good question.

Thinking about the most successful entrepreneurs I know, I’d bucket them into these four categories:

  • Selected Atlanta Based on Business Potential – A combination of quality talent, excellent lifestyle, low cost of living, and “can do” attitude make Atlanta a great place to build a company. I fall into this bucket and proactively chose Atlanta as I believed (correctly) it to be a strong spot to grow a software company.
  • Biggest Customer in Atlanta – With so many large companies headquartered in Atlanta, there’s tremendous buying power. A number of startups have relocated to Atlanta to be near their largest customer.
  • Raised in Atlanta – Family always has been, and always will be, a major force in choosing a location. Many successful entrepreneurs were raised in the Metro Atlanta region of six million people.
  • Relocated to Atlanta Via Previous Company – A number of talented people moved to Atlanta for a job and started their entrepreneurial journey after they called the city home. This is a very common route.

Whether it’s happenstance or a concerted decision to choose Atlanta for business reasons, there’s a mid-sized entrepreneurial community here that’s growing fast. Now, we need to spread the story and let others know to ChooseATL.

What else? What are some other reasons entrepreneurs start their company in Atlanta?

Atlanta Startup Village #45

Tonight is Atlanta Startup Village #45 at the Atlanta Tech Village. Come network and get involved with the Atlanta startup community. Here are the six presenting startups:

  • Fanboard: Augmenting the fan experience
  • CommissionTrac: Commercial real estate commission tracking software
  • Alum: The easiest way to stay connected with your campus and your classmates
  • Landing Lion: Landing pages for the modern marketer
  • SparkFire Active: Performance activewear for teen girls
  • PuppyPals: Making dog parents’ lives easier every day

Presentations start at 7:30 p.m. and entry is free. Join us.

Announcing the new Endeavor Atlanta for High-Impact Entrepreneurs

Last month I joined the non-profit board of Endeavor Atlanta to help local high-impact entrepreneurs scale their businesses and grow the entrepreneurial community. Endeavor is a global organization with chapters in almost 30 cities and nearly 1,500 entrepreneurs. Here, in Atlanta, we’re looking for 6-8 entrepreneurs per year that are committed to learning, growing, and giving back as part of a program to help them realize their full potential.

Here’s what we’re looking for in Endeavor entrepreneurs:

  • Motivated, learning-oriented mindset
  • Scalable, high growth business
  • $1 million – $20 million in revenue
  • Aspirations to grow to $100+ million in revenue

Want to learn more? Read the press release about Endeavor Atlanta and reach out to meet. We’d love to talk more.

What else? What are some more questions about the new Endeavor Atlanta chapter?

The 10 Year Anniversary of Pardot

Today marks the 10 year anniversary from when Adam and I started Pardot. I first registered the domain name on January 30th, 2007 (whois lookup) and Adam had to give notice to his current employer, InterContinental Hotels Group. We first started out as a PPC lead generation service for tech companies before pivoting into marketing automation in the first 60 days (more key milestones). After hiring 11 interns and building v1 of the product, we were off and running on the adventure of a lifetime.

Here are a few things about the Pardot journey that I’m especially proud of:

Overall, I’m most proud of Adam and me building an enduring business that’s 15x larger than when we sold it and making a small mark on our community. Here’s to everyone that helped make Pardot a success and a thank you for the last 10 years.

SalesLoft Rainmaker 2017

Next week SalesLoft puts on their excellent Rainmaker conference in Atlanta at the Loews Hotel. After raising $15 million, launching major new product features, and announcing key new leaders, SalesLoft’s Rainmaker conference is set to bring the sales engagement community together for three days of learning, sharing, and connecting.

A few event highlights:

  • 45 speakers
  • 700 attendees
  • 25 breakout sessions
  • 1 awesome community

Interested in sales engagement or SalesLoft? Check out Rainmaker 2017 next week in Atlanta.