Thinking About Startup Marketing Metrics

Marketing metrics are great in that they provide objective, concrete evidence as to how things are going. With the rise of digital marketing, marketing automation, inbound marketinggrowth hackers, and more, marketing metric awareness is growing even faster now. Startups, with a clean slate, can measure anything and everything. Only, most don’t build a culture of marketing accountability and ingrain it into their startup ethos.

Here are some startup marketing metrics to consider:

  • Lead funnel:
    Marketing qualified lead
    Sales qualified lead
    CRM opportunity
    Closed deal
  • Lead channel volume and cost:
    Pay per click
    Trade show
    Cold call
  • Site traffic types:
    Direct hit
    Search engine (branded and non branded)

Marketing is more scientific and metrics driven now, especially with the advent of online marketing. Startups would do well to build simple Google Spreadsheets and start tracking a variety of metrics. Over time, it’ll become clear what’s working, not working, declining, and improving in value. What gets measured gets done and measure what matters.

What else? What are some other startup marketing metrics you like to track?

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