Sales Department Management Structures for Startups

As product/market fit is achieved and a repeatable customer acquisition process found, it becomes necessary to start scaling out the sales department. A sales department, like any department, requires strong leadership with a combination of customer-first thinking and metrics-oriented actions. After you’ve avoided the early VP of Sales temptation, hired and trained a couple sales reps that are making quota, it becomes time to recruit the sales management. Always remember that the best sales reps don’t usually make the best sales managers.

Here’s an example sales department structure:

  • VP of Sales
  • Two sales directors
  • Eight sales managers
  • 64 sales reps

In this growth stage startup example, the sales department has 75 people (not counting sales assistants, sales engineers, etc) with a pretty standard hierarchy. Building a sales department is hard but having great leadership and managers makes it much easier.

What else? What are your thoughts on sales department management structures for startups?

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