Informational, Feedback, Progress, or Pitch Meeting with Entrepreneurs

Over the years I’ve talked with hundreds of entrepreneurs about their startup. Conversations are all over the place, based on whatever the entrepreneur is looking to accomplish. One of the things I appreciate is when entrepreneurs take the time to prepare questions in advance to get the most out of the meeting. Even better is preparing questions and setting expectations for the type of meeting desired.

Here are some of the most common meetings with startups:

  • Informational – mostly a meet and greet sharing backgrounds, areas of interest, and the current state of the union
  • Feedback – the entrepreneur has a specific idea/issue/challenge and they want to get a second opinion or guidance on it
  • Progress – this meeting occurs after one of more meetings previous meetings and the entrepreneur provides updates on goals, what’s new, etc
  • Pitch – here the entrepreneur is pitching to raise money directly or to get introduced to other investors

The next time an entrepreneur asks for a meeting, clarify in advance the type of meeting to make things more productive and useful.

What else? What are some other types of entrepreneur meetings about startups?

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