Yolo and Startups

One of the popular acronyms right now for high schoolers is yolo, as in You Only Live Once. Not to be confused with the cool stand up paddle boards also known as yolo boards, yolo makes it easy to justify doing something you might not normally do, like cliff diving into a lake. How can we get a little yolo idealism into some of the talented people that don’t consider startups as part of their career options?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Facilitate programs and initiatives that specifically target college juniors and seniors (e.g. host a regular startups career and internship fair)
  • Promote technology meetups to employees of larger companies via targeted ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Organize more startup drinks-like happy hours in high density commercial areas such that it’s an easy walk for people in the surrounding area

Bringing the idea of yolo to talented people that haven’t considered startups isn’t an easy task. But, in the end, the biggest challenges can be the most fun.

What else? What are your thoughts on yolo and startups?

One thought on “Yolo and Startups

  1. I love the idea of YOLO as a tagline for startups and reaching out to college students to make the dive into entrepreneurship. The concept I’m working on right now aims to find college students with ideas and give them tools and resources to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses. Giving college students support in entrepreneurship is something that will change their lives and put them on exciting paths beyond the cubicle.

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