Video Games in the Office

One of the first comments people make when coming in our office is about the 70″ LED TV with an Xbox and Kinect hooked up to it. Laying on the sofa is four Xbox controllers with Madden 13 prominently displayed below the TV. Video games, hanging out, and enjoying each other’s company are a regular part of our startup experience.

After seeing and commenting on the TV with video games, followed by the ping pong table down the hall and the razor scooters strewn about, a common jest is “how does any work get done around here?” The answer, of course, is that work gets done whenever and wherever each person  chooses to do it — the office is merely a cool spot to collaborate. Work isn’t defined as sitting at a desk from nine to five and putting in the hours.

Video games in the office provide a great outlet for unwinding, building relationships with colleagues, and having fun. In fact, we have actually have two 70″ TVs with Xboxes in the office — go figure.

What else? What are your thoughts on video games in the office?

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