The Future has Arrived with the Tesla Model S

Three days ago my new Tesla Model S electric car arrived. After reading so many articles and reviews online I knew I wanted to try one out but I didn’t want to wait six months before I could get one (each car has to be custom ordered and there’s a long waiting list). So, naturally, eBay is the next logical place to look and there was exactly what I wanted — a black one with the extended battery (rated at 265 miles on a single charge) and the technology package.

I can’t say enough good things about the car — it truly is amazing.


  • Pure electric (crazy to think I’ll never need a gas station for the car)
  • Roughly $1 of electricity to go 30 miles (compare that to a $4 gallon of gas to go 30 miles)
  • Unbelievable acceleration (0-60 in 4 seconds)
  • Stunning 17″ touch screen in lieu of a center console (no buttons!)
  • 7 seats for a large family (mine came with the optional jump seats that are rear facing)
  • Smooth ride quality and no noise (the electric engine is basically silent, like a golf cart)
  • Great range at 265 miles
  • Excellent Google Maps navigation system and Slacker internet radio built-in


  • No long road trips off the beaten path (as more electric car superchargers are installed this goes away)
  • High price relative to a similar-sized sedan
  • No parking sensors, blind spot monitoring, etc (gadgets you would expect in a high-end car)
  • Awkward placement of the interior door handles and area to pull the door shut (it’s about six inches too high and too close to the dash)

Overall, the future is bright and the Tesla Model S is now the standard for all cars, electric or otherwise, going forward. Electric cars are going to succeed and be common on the roads within 10 years.

What else? What are your thoughts on the Tesla Model S?

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