Internal Startup Product Jargon

With any new product development comes debate about product jargon. Product jargon is the different terms and names used for features, modules, etc. With a clean slate, it’s easy to try and reinvent the wheel with new terminology and ways to describe things. Don’t do it.

Here are a few thoughts on internal startup jargon:

  • Use the industry standard terms for features and modules so that prospects and customers don’t have to relearn things
  • Use Google Trends and Google to find search volume of terms in order to decide what’s the most common phrase or name. Plus, this plays into search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Make sure that that internal code for the feature/module matches up with the marketing name for the feature/module (I’ve seen this many times where the two don’t align and it creates on-going headaches between different teams as well as new engineers that are learning the code base)

Internal startup product jargon is the norm and entrepreneurs would do well to ensure standardization across their product and their industry.

What else? What are your thoughts on internal startup product jargon?

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