Killer SaaS KPIs Spreadsheet Dashboard

A couple days ago I came across a post on Hacker News linking to The Angel VC: A KPI Dashboard for Early-Stage Startups. In the article, the author lays out a number of metrics and shares a quality Early-Stage KPI Dashboard Google Spreadsheet with everything in it.

Visitors & Signups

  • Visitors
    m/m growth
  • Signups beginning of the month
  • New signups
    – Organic
    – Paid
  • Total new signups
    m/m growth
  • Visitor-to-signup conversion rate
  • Signups end of month

Paying Customers

  • Customers beginning of the month
    – New customers
    – Conversion rate
    – Lost customers
    – Churn rate
  • Net new customers
  • Customers end of month
    m/m growth

Monthly Recurring Revenue

  • MRR beginning of the month
  • New MRR
    – New MRR from new customers
    – New MRR from account expansions
  • Total new MRR
  • Lost MRR
  • MRR churn rate
  • New new MRR
  • MRR end of month
    m/m growth
  • Avg. revenue per customer
  • Avg. revenue per new customer

Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

  • Marketing spendings
    – Marketing spendings per signup (blended)
    – Marketing spendings per paid signup
  • Sales spendings
    – Sales spendings per new paying customer
  • Total CAC (blended)
  • Total CAC (paid signups)
  • Time-to-recover CAC for paid signups (months)
  • CLTV (e)
  • CLTV/CAC (paid signups)


  • Cash beginning of month
    – Cash coming in
    – Cash going out
  • Net cash burn
  • Cash end of month
  • Runway at current burn (months)

This is a valuable list of solid KPIs and startups would do well to track them monthly. Download the spreadsheet and start tracking them today.

What else? What are some other SaaS KPIs that are great to track?

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