The Startup Launch

After building a solid minimum respectable product, lining up some early adopter users, and putting together a simple brand for the company it’s time for the startup launch. For many startups, the launch is as soon as the website is live. For others, there’s a LaunchRock homepage to gather email addresses followed by a more formal revealing. Regardless, it’s important to think through the launch and how to maximize the occasion.

Here are a few ideas for a startup launch:

  • Celebrate with the team, advisors, friends, family, and other supporters in person
  • Engage with journalists and relevant publications to announce the launch
  • Reach out to industry analysts and influential people to share first-hand about the new startup
  • Collect email addresses and document people that are interested in the new venture (use Google Spreadsheets as well as an email marketing program)

Overall, the startup launch is a time to celebrate and kick off the next phase. Make the most of it and recognize that it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

What else? What are some other ideas for a startup launch?

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