Privacy Ideas for an Open Office Layout

It turns out that the open office layout I mentioned last week is more controversial than I expected. The main culprits are noise, privacy, and ability to focus for an extended period of time. Since the post, a number of people have suggested different ideas to help provide more options for team members, especially when the phone is involved.

Here are a few privacy ideas for an open office layout:

There are a number of privacy options to try out and we’ll be experimenting shortly.

What else? What are some other privacy ideas for an open office layout?

4 thoughts on “Privacy Ideas for an Open Office Layout

  1. i like to walk around and be animated while on the phone. how can we create an environment for those that prefer to be moving while on the phone?

    1. You’ll be able to do that in a private room, modular suite, hallways, and conference rooms

  2. The key is a combination of open floor space, and fair sized privacy rooms for phone calls etc…

    Open space allows for collaboration and communication, while the privacy rooms offer a place to work without distraction. Note that nobody’s name is on the door of those private rooms. 37signals Chicago office is probably the best example. Their website has some great picture.

    On another note, I’m glad to see the ATV is coming along. Look forward to visiting when I’m back in Atlanta.

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