Announcing Dragon Army Mobile Games Studio

Urvaksh broke the news about the new Dragon Army mobile games studio Jeff Hilimire, Ryan Tuttle, and I are starting at the Atlanta Tech Village. Jeff and I met briefly in 2005 when I was trying to get his company Spunlogic to resell the Hannon Hill content management software. We first had a chance to work together running Shotput Ventures back in 2009 and ended up investing in nine startups together. After the Shotput Ventures experience, I knew Jeff would be awesome to work with again in the future.

So, what is Dragon Army? Dragon Army is a mobile games studio where we’ll be building casual games and apps for tablets and smart phones. Mobile is the next major wave of computing and games are a big part of it. It’ll be a new experience for us and we’re super excited.

Read Jeff’s great post on Dragon Army.

Oh, and please sign up to be notified when our first Dragon Army title hits the App Store.

What else? What are your thoughts on mobile games and opportunities for a new games studio?

2 thoughts on “Announcing Dragon Army Mobile Games Studio

  1. Well this is interesting… not a world I thought you would explore, but one I’m sure you’ll still thrive in. Congrats on another great (ad)venture! Looking forward to killing some time on my phone.

    Would be interested to see where you take this gaming, and if it can be used to gamify other apps (like Body Boss).

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