Entrepreneurship and the Sense of Adventure

Recently I was talking to a soon-to-be-entrepreneur about his idea. After hearing the idea, I tried to peel back some of the layers. I asked the standard question, “why do you want to be an entrepreneur?” He provided an answer I hadn’t heard before:

I want to be an entrepreneur for the sense of adventure.

Normally, the entrepreneur response is that they want to scratch an itch, control their own destiny, change the world, or make more money. But, being an entrepreneur for the sense of adventure? I like it. Just like the Kon-Tiki story (with the recent movie) inspired a generation to challenge long-held beliefs and seek out adventure, entrepreneurship accomplishes a similar goal. So, add sense of adventure as another reason to be an entrepreneur.

What else? What are your thoughts on desiring a sense of adventure as a reason for being an entrepreneur?

8 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship and the Sense of Adventure

  1. That’s definitely a big reason why I made the jump, but should be accompanied with a healthy dose of passion for what you’re building. When the adventure turns foul, and it will, that passion will pull you through. Or you’ll realize this isn’t the right adventure just yet!

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