Atlanta Tech Village as Being Expensive

The most common negative comment about the Atlanta Tech Village is that it is too expensive. As someone who enjoys thinking about marketing, positioning, and branding, I try to stay away from merely comparing costs between per desk pricing vs per square foot pricing. As an organization working hard to help Atlanta, we fully embrace that we want to provide the absolute best high tech entrepreneurship center in region, and that also means that we’re going to be the most expensive when compared to other options.

One way we focus on being the best is in terms of infrastructure. From a furniture perspective, we have high-end Knoll desks and chairs, which everyone raves about. From a wireless perspective, we have a $200,000 Meraki Cisco network that delivers amazing WiFi throughout the building. From a bandwidth perspective, we have 1.4 gigabits per second of redundant fiber internet access that costs over $100,000 per year.

A second way we focus on being the best is employing an amazing staff of people that help make the community great. With awesome events, networking sessions, educational programs, and more, it takes a solid team to coordinate all the moving parts and continually improve as we go. Regular programs include the weekly Startup Chowdown, monthly Show & Tell, and more. Our team is amazing.

Knowing that there are some people that want to be in the Village community, but can’t afford it, we created a scholarship program. To date, we’ve given away over 30 scholarships and anticipate giving away hundreds more over the coming years. Our mission is to support and inspire entrepreneurs, which includes all types of members.

Much like Rackspace is the most expensive and best option for managed server hosting with their amazing Fanatical Support, so too the Atlanta Tech Village is the most expensive option with amazing infrastructure and staff. Regardless of infrastructure and staff, the ultimate measure of success is the quality of the community and the number of successful startups that emerge.

What else? What are your thoughts on the Atlanta Tech Village as being expensive?

7 thoughts on “Atlanta Tech Village as Being Expensive

  1. As one of the early anchor tenants I don’t really consider the Village to be expensive. As I have said on more then one occasion we are in the low rent district of the Village. With that said I think $3k or so is more than a bit steep. Maybe like 25% steep for a small company.

    Like a SaaS company I think we need to tier the pricing. Suck ’em in early and charge more when they don’t want to leave.

    And the staff does rock.

  2. “The ultimate measure of success is the quality of the community and the number of successful startups that emerge.”

    That’s a goal that will benefit the Atlanta startup community — but as an early-stage entrepreneur, it’s not my measure of success. My measure of success is the success of my company.

    When I evaluate Atlanta Tech Village against other options, it’s through that lens. I can’t afford to spend gratuitously on positive externalities (yet!), as amazing they may be. I have to look at the cost of Atlanta Tech Village and ask “Is this the most effective way to use our cash to grow the business?”

    Fortunately, that mindset ultimately benefits the community: The best way for me to contribute to the community is to build a successful company that creates jobs, wealth, and happiness.

    Our office is at Atlanta Tech Village, so we’re clearly voting with our dollars. But we’re not doing it to benefit the community, we’re doing it because we believe it’s right for our company today. I think every entrepreneur should evaluate it that way.

  3. As a recipient of an ATV scholarship, i can attest to the power of inspiration and education Atlanta Tech Village provides to the members and the startup community. I take full advantage of thepportunitirs and look forward to giving back to the community.
    Thank you!

  4. I think the prices at Atlanta Tech Village are right in line with other similar co-workspace options. With the technology angle, they are better than other options. And compared to standard real-estate options (or other rental ones), there’s no comparison. The Village is providing a “breeding ground” that makes it far more valuable than price paid.

    A couple of suggestions. Add some more conference room time, perhaps make 20 hours per month (per person). The sales/marketing side needs more quiet time for calls. Some engineers need to just lock themselves away.

    How about a “hot table” or “hot bar” price for small teams. Many need a place to collaborate only a few times per week (in early days).

  5. It is easy to see the price tag of the Village as expensive, considering the “private room” price starts at $1000/month, and “all you get is a room”, but that is very elusive. David, you gave a great comparison back in April with this post:

    At some point, the Village might not be the best economic value for your startup, but until that point, it’s hard to argue a flat rate, month-to-month rental rate that comes with coffee, WiFi, snacks, games, free parking, great location, and instant community.

    In my previous life at CWNP, we had a sweet office at the top of Overlook in Vinings. Unbelievable view, great amenities, great location, etc., but we paid every month for internet service, coffee, snacks, etc., and we were tied into a FIVE YEAR lease.

    And, it was very…very…very…quiet. No community, no events, no gong, no inspiration, no energy. Tough to put a price tag on that.

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