Ambitious Software Entrepreneurs Should Attend Dreamforce

Over the past 24 hours I’ve received several emails from colleagues at Dreamforce ’13 about all the cool things going on at the show. After reading the emails, and following the tweets, I realized that all ambitious software entrepreneurs, regardless of industry, should attend at least one Dreamforce event in person.

Here are a few reasons to attend the Dreamforce conference:

  • Scale – it’s hard to get a feel for the size based on the pictures — being in person helps expand the mind to just how much success and influence a company can attain
  • Energy – passionate communities have incredible energy and in the world of cloud computing / Software-as-a-Service, it doesn’t get any better than the excitement of the Dreamforce attendees
  • Innovation – walking the show floor with hundreds of software companies exhibiting, many of them startups, helps fire more synapses in the brain about what’s possible
  • Billionaires – it’s not about the money but there’s something inspiring for entrepreneurs to be around and shake hands with a billionaire (or two)

So, all software entrepreneurs should put October 13, 2014 on their calendar now and attend Dreamforce 2014.

What else? What are your thoughts on ambitious entrepreneurs attending the largest software conference in the world to expand their mind as to what’s possible?

2 thoughts on “Ambitious Software Entrepreneurs Should Attend Dreamforce

  1. There is no doubt about this..I have been here at Dream Force for the last two days and this experience has definitely stretched my mind into thinking bigger. Benioff is an unreal marketer Great post!

  2. Ola! David Cummings,
    Cool Post, Currently we are a ambitious start up, who make websites and software for various clients. We make all kinds of websites, in all shapes and sizes. Currently we are operation locally and get clients through word of mouth. We need to expand our business need clients all over the globe. I know there are agents who outsource projects to India(they keep the commission, of course) . I need to get in touch with such people or marketing agencies who operate on a per project basis. Any ideas?
    I look forward to your next post

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