Rise of the Browser Add-on Business

Now that Google Chrome and Firefox have healthy, active extension / add-on marketplaces, we’re starting to see more companies build businesses that interact with data and services from other web apps with the browser add-on being a critical component. Here are three popular examples:

  • Rapportive – Adds a sidebar in Gmail that shows rich contact profiles and information (e.g. social profiles, LinkedIn data, etc). Rapportive was acquired by LinkedIn.
  • Boomerang for Gmail – Enables scheduling emails for delivery at a date / time in the future as well as generating reminders if an email doesn’t receive a response.
  • SalesLoft – Enables fast and efficient capture of data returned in Google search results for the purpose of building prospect lists as well as integrating the data into a CRM (Disclosure: I’m an investor).

Over time, I expect more products will emerge as browser add-ons that take advantage of data and interactions with existing web apps to provide substantially more value.

What else? What are some other examples of browser add-ons that you like?