2 Action Items Going from Doer to Leader

Last week an entrepreneur emailed me for advice on going from doer to leader. His startup is doing well and now has several employees for the first time. Only, he’s being pulled in many directions and knows he needs to start the slow process of spending a more time on the business and less time in the business.

I quickly responded that there are two immediate action items to start going from doer to leader:

So, join a group of other people that are interested in improving their leadership abilities and implement rhythm, data, and priorities to establish a foundation for the business to scale.

What else? What are some other recommendations for entrepreneurs going from doer to leader?

One thought on “2 Action Items Going from Doer to Leader

  1. Go back to the roots of the start-up. What makes this venture tick/viable?

    Let your passion lead, but ensure your emotional quotient is in check and not displacing developing a sound business model.

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